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Business Eligibility and Scoring


Type of Program

Businesses of all sizes are encouraged to apply to become a Certified Healthy Business. Whether your business employs one or more than 1,000, we hope you will apply. Businesses whose revenue primarily comes from alcohol, tobacco, or vapor product sales are not eligible to apply for certification. Please note that the 2019 business application includes Governmental Agencies and School District Administrative Offices. Institutions of higher education including career technology centers also have the opportunity to apply to become a Certified Healthy Campus, and administrative offices of those institutions may apply to become a Certified Healthy Business. It would not be unusual for a single entity to be certified in both the business and campus categories. If a city administrative office within a municipality wishes to become a Certified Healthy Business, the city office may apply as one single entity. You also have the opportunity as a local municipality to complete an application to become a Certified Healthy Community. Restaurants interested in becoming “certified” are encouraged to apply as a Certified Healthy Restaurant.

Businesses will be certified in the following categories based on size:

  • Small Business: 1 – 25 Employees
  • Medium Business: 26 – 100 Employees
  • Medium-Large Business: 101 – 500 Employees
  • Large Business: 501 – 999 Employees
  • Corporate Business: 1000+ Employees


Businesses must be at least Smokefree indoors in order to apply. A business must be Tobacco-Free and submit a copy of their tobacco-free policy in order to achieve Excellence.


Applicants indicate activities and policies that are currently offered by their business in each of nine scored criteria categories: (1) Organizational Supports; (2) Tobacco Control; (3) Nutrition; (4) Physical Activity; (5) Stress Management; (6) Mental Health; (7) Chronic Disease Prevention & Management; (8) Occupational Health & Safety; (9) Health Promotion. There are 122 total scored criteria. In addition, there are eleven possible N/A options on the application. If selected, these options will change the total number of points required for certification.

Businesses are scored according to size, and each criterion selected is worth a pre-determined number of points (based on the CDC ScoreCard). These points are designated next to each criterion on the application. Certification status is assigned according to the number of points selected divided by the total number of points possible. For Excellence, a business must meet the minimum required points and fulfill at least one criterion in each category.  As a reminder, a smokefree indoor policy is required for Basic, smokefree indoor and outdoor for Merit, and a tobacco-free policy, submitted with the application, is required for Excellence.

Business SizeBasicMeritExcellence
Small (1-25 employees)30% (72/241)45% (108/241)60% (145/241)
Medium (26-100 employees)40% (96/241)55% (133/241)70% (169/241)
Medium-Large (101-500 employees)40% (96/241)55% (133/241)70% (169/241)
Large (501-999 employees)50% (121/241)65% (157/241)80% (193/241)
Corporate (1000+ employees)50% (121/241)65% (157/241)80% (193/241)