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Congregation Eligibility and Scoring


Congregations of all faiths and sizes are encouraged to apply to become a Certified Healthy Congregation.  There are three levels of certification congregations are eligible for; basic, merit, and excellence.

Congregations that have a school or early childhood program also have the opportunity to apply to become a Certified Healthy School and/or a Certified Healthy Early Childhood program.


Congregations must be at least SMOKEFREE in order to apply. In order to be considered for Excellence, congregations must be TOBACCO-FREE and submit a copy of their tobacco-free policy, picture of posted tobacco signage, or meeting minutes.

Note: The OSDH acknowledges the traditional and sacred use of tobacco among American Indian people living in Oklahoma. Whenever the word tobacco is referenced it refers to the use of commercial tobacco.


Applicants select activities and policies that are currently offered by their congregation in each of eight criteria categories: (1) Health Services and Screenings; (2) Health Education; (3) Physical Activity; (4) Tobacco Prevention; (5) Nutrition; (6) Safe and Healthy Environments; (7) Leadership in the Community; (8) Behavioral Health.  Within the eight categories there are 49 total criteria, and a total of three criteria with a possible N/A response, depending upon the congregation.

Congregations are scored according to the number of criterion checked, and each is worth one point. Certification status is assigned according to the percentage of criteria selected by the applicant overall. As a reminder, a smokefree policy is required for Basic and Merit certification levels. In order to achieve the excellence level, congregations must have at least one criterion selected for each category and be tobacco-free. A tobacco-free policy submission with the application is also required for Excellence.

Congregation Scoring Matrix

% of Criteria Selected30% (15 pts)45% (22 pts)65% (32 pts)
Smokefree policyYesYesYes
Tobacco-free policy uploaded to systemNoNoYes
At least one criterion from each category selectedNoNoYes