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What Can the Oklahoma State Department for Health Center from Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Division Provide?

The Oklahoma State Department of Health Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion provides assistance and consultation regarding wellness to any Oklahoma business, health department, state or community agency, organization, association, or coalition. We can provide the following services:

  • Sample policies related to physical activity, nutrition, and tobacco
  • Resources on how to begin or enhance a wellness program
  • Content expertise and information regarding best practices
  • Information and technical assistance – trends, data, and best practices
  • National and state data related to physical activity, nutrition, tobacco, and health outcomes
  • Information or technical assistance regarding the Certified Healthy process
  • Linkages to other health partners

Helpful Documents


You may also print a of the application prior to applying.

Resource Guide

Use the to help your congregation implement any missing elements. The resources could also be helpful in enhancing the elements that are already being implemented within your congregation. For any remaining questions regarding criteria and implementation, we are here to help! Thank you for your interest in becoming a Certified Healthy Congregation and for your commitment to creating a state of health!

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