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Early Childhood Program Benefits

What’s in it for the Early Childhood Program?

  • By becoming a Certified Healthy recipient, you will receive recognition as an early childhood program that goes “above and beyond” to create a healthy, nurturing environment.
  • Your staff will benefit. Healthier employees are proven to be more productive employees, and they have a direct impact on a program’s success.
  • Certified Healthy Early Childhood Programs have the opportunity to provide an environment that encourages healthier children, families, and staff.
  • Certified Healthy Early Childhood Program award recipients are invited to a special recognition luncheon. Over 1,000 invitees attended the most recent luncheon.
  • Investing in wellness will enhance your program’s image in the community and add credibility to your early childhood program.
  • Certified Healthy Early Childhood Programs are able to utilize their wellness achievements and certification as a recruitment and retention strategy for current and future clients.