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School Eligibility and Scoring


Schools of all sizes are encouraged to apply to become a Certified Healthy School. School Districts are encouraged to apply as a Certified Healthy Business. We hope you will apply, regardless of school enrollment.

Tobacco Free

To receive Basic and Merit Certification, schools must be 24/7 Tobacco Free. To receive Excellence Certification, schools must be 24/7 Tobacco Free including vapor and electronic cigarettes and submit a copy of their tobacco policy.


Applicants select activities and policies that are currently offered by their school in each of the nine categories of Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model: (1) Health Education; (2) Physical Education; (3) Health Services; (4) Nutrition Environment and Services; (5) Counseling, Psychological, and Social Services; (6) Physical Environment; (7) Social and Emotional School Climate; (8) Employee Wellness; (9) Family Engagement and Community Involvement. There are three levels of certification to become a Certified Healthy School: Basic, Merit, and Excellence.

Scoring for the School applications are legislatively mandated. Each criterion selected is worth one point. The school must have the minimum criteria in EVERY category in order to be certified.

Minimum Criteria/Points Needed Per Category for Each Certification Level.

Program ClassificationBasicMeritExcellence
School Site2 criteria from each of the 9 categories3 criteria from each of the 9 categories4 criteria from each of the 9 categories
24/7 Tobacco Policy24/7 Tobacco Free24/7 Tobacco Free24/7 Tobacco Free including E-cigs and Vapor Products

If a school has 3 criteria selected in eight categories, and a single category with only 2 criteria selected, then the assigned level of certification is Basic. If this same school has only 1 criterion selected in that single section, then the school will not be certified. If the school has 4 criteria selected in every section but does not submit the “24/7 tobacco free policy including vapor and electronic cigarettes”, then the school will not be certified at the Excellence level, rather the Merit level.